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The contest winners have been announced! Thanks to everyone who participated. My slots are almost full, but if you're still interested, let me know and I might open a few more soon.

Hey, guys! I'm opening up character commissions - just 5 slots for now. This is the first time I'm doing these and the prices might go up the next time, so if you think you might be interested, act quickly! (Oh, what a sales pitch.) And I'm aware that most of you are from the US, so I'm listing the prices in US dollars.


Simple sketch, bust (… - $10
Simple sketch, full body - $15
Acrylic sketch ( /… - $25 (2 characters for 35$)
Coloured pin-up, one character, simple background ( - $40-$50, depending on complexity


- PayPal only! Sorry.
- These are character commissions for simplicity's sake, but if you have something else on your mind, do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss.
- Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me a note or send me an e-mail for any queries, or if you already know what you want. You don't need to have a Deviantart account to commission me.
- I reserve the right to refuse a commission I deem inapropriate or offensive.
- You're absolutely allowed to post them anywhere or print them for yourself, but these images are for personal use only.

For those of you with a Tumblr - I got a contest going on for a free one of these.


Also, would anyone be interested in prints? I have had a couple of requests for A pond near the linden tree - I can sell A2 prints of these and more. Please raise your hand if you're interested (not sure about the price yet, but they won't go over 20$+shipping).

Thanks in advance!

- I am veeery close to finishing my MA and probably stop being a student forever. These are unique times we live in, people.

If you're in London this weekend, you should totally come by our final show! Check out the awesome talent in my class. Worth a visit? Dare I say - yes.

- I'm going to be working on making my website and tumblr more active - that doesn't mean I'll be leaving DA behind, but I will try to balance everything out. They both have some stuff I haven't posted here yet, so check them out!

- Incidentally, I'll be posting one character a day (from this project) on my Tumblr. Exciting? Maybe not for you, but it is for me! That's something new everyday for the next three months, guys. This is a real game changer for me.

- And did you see those layouts? I'm proud of those because I don't know jack of web design. As you can probably tell.

- What's been going on around these parts? Do tell!
Hey, everyone! Due to uni's final project and lack of internet in general (I finally got internet at home today), it's like I've fallen off the face of the earth. Fear not - I found a jetpack and I'm on my way back. My project is due next week, and hopefully I'll be posting a lot of stuff that is pleasing to the eye in the coming weeks/months/life.

In the meantime, I have posted a small preview on my blog, It's not much of a preview - but it's a start!

And I'm even planning on reviving my tumblr - for real. Wow, I'm buzzing all over the place.

Be back very soon!
Hello guys! So, you know this series I did, A Handful of Wonders? Yeah – some of you probably noticed that I didn't mention anywhere whether they were true or made up.


My project was pretty much about that – stretching people's beliefs, I such a way that people would think twice whether to believe me or not. I was actually surprised some people believed some of them (like the whale cemetery one, I totally had a friend with that one, it was awesome). I was very inspired by a book called Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonders - it's a seriously good read, and I wasn't even aware it was non-fiction until I actually decided to google it. It was awesome.

So, without further ado, allow me to clarify.

The Whale Cemetery by Kyendo
The Whale Cemetery

Fake! Sorry about that. Apart from basing myself on the elephant cemetery myth (which is a myth – believe me, I checked), I came up with everything. The island does exist, but as far as I know there's no cave. No red whales. No zombie migration. No magic left.

The Edenbird Hive by Kyendo
The Edenbird Hive

Fake. All of it. No hive mind, no edenbirds, no nests (although some birds do build nest like this – but they're not hanging from branches, they're latched onto the trunk). In the full text I even mentioned the name of the island – which is the name of my favourite Sigur Rós song. :D

The Giant Hourglasses of Abuya by Kyendo
The Giant Hourglasses of Abuya

This is possibly the fakest of all (man, I feel like such a crook). I came up with the desert and the flowers and the canyons and the whole phenomena. The full text also mentions a local folklore legend about a giant serpent which roams the canyons below waiting for men to fall. GUESS WHAT.

The Guatemalan Stone People by Kyendo
The Guatemalan Stone People
Wait don't go yet, this one is partly real! Yes! Well, not exactly real, but loosely based on facts. It's not Guatemala we're talking about, it's Mexico, and they're not exactly ancient (cough), but they're underwater statues indeed, and there they are. More on it here (and yes, there are pictures!):…

The Glowing Lakes of Cape York by Kyendo
The Glowing Lakes of Cape York

Mostly true! Some facts and locations were altered to throw people off my track (this phenomena was temporary, not permanent), but I actually combined two very true facts to get my (slightly embelished) version – these algae really do exist around Australia, and Cape York really is one of the most remote places on Earth (but as far as I know, there's basically nothing there, including lakes). Here's the extremely interesting account I mostly based myself on – I really recommend a full read (or, if not, at least for the pictures):…

So, there it is! Hopefully this didn't destroy the magic, but people were getting curious - and I was starting to feel dishonest, ahah.

I shall return.
EDIT: Alright, everyone! I must admit I'm really surprised at the outcome of the poll, but that's not a bad thing. I've made my decision and submitted it. :) Thanks so much to everyone who voted!

Hello everyone! It's been a while (as usual), and I'm posting for a little help making a decision. I want to enter the IlluxCon Scholarship Competition and I'm not sure which of my works to choose. I've narrowed it down to two, but I'd like to see what other people think would stand a better chance in a sci-fi/fantasy context. So if you could please answer my poll, I'd be really, really grateful. :) The competition ends on Wednesday.

The choices are:

Sunday Morning Empire by Kyendo

My personal favourite, but because it's not exactly refined, I'm not sure what to think. The judges come from a concept art/classic painting background, so I have no idea if the fact that this isn't realistically rendered could become a hindrance.

Umbrella Rain by Kyendo  

From a technical point of view, I guess this might be the most obvious choice? However, I'm not sure if I'd lose points due to the fact that it's fan art.

The poll can be found here -…


I've been slowly trying to empty my inbox, and I'll do my best to reply to every comment/do my art trades as soon as possible. And I'll start posting again, hopefully sooner rather than later. It's been complicated, with an internship, my final project AND me doing stuff in my free time in hopes of getting a gig, but I like to think I'm verrryyy slowly getting better at managing my time.

Thank you so, so much!
Kapow! Comic Con this weekend in London!

Anyone going? I am, just tomorrow. In about 8 hours. I should probably go to bed. I'll let you know what awesome things I manage to gaze upon.

I'm offering comissions over at help_japanlivejournal, in the same style as my "spirit" ones. You can see my thread here. It's for charity, guys! So even if you're not interested, I'd really appreciate it if you could pass this on.

I've been quite busy, and I know I still owe some art to some of you, but I couldn't not do this.

On an unrelated note, I've created a more official-ish blog (ideally, I'd have a .com, but I guess presenting a blogspot is better than a deviantart when it comes to business/portfolios. All in due time). I've been fiddling with the design and I quite like it. There's still some stuff to add, but it will do for now. Check it out.

That's all. Thanks, guys!

Well, that's my victorious comeback. It's all I got. Moving on: I actually accummulated a fair ammount of work I haven't posted, but I'll be uploading stuff gradually. Personally, I hate it whenever someone I watch dumps a laudry basket of works one beautiful morning and then leaves us to pick up the dirty socks. Not cool. People get tired and your work doesn't get the attention it deserves.

I'd also like to direct your attention to cbilladeau. Not only is her style unique and her compositions powerful, her journals are also very informative (about really good competitions) and a joy to read. Like the one that's up right now. So if you're a student or a budding illustrator, GO GET A PIECE OF THAT.

Ok, this should convince you

drowning in work by cbilladeau that sinking feeling by cbilladeau entre chien et loup by cbilladeau night bird: pp 16 - 17 by cbilladeau

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Right after I'd finished cleaning my feedback inbox. OKAY, SO I GUESS A DAILY DEVIATION HAPPENED. A huge thank you to Phinnimonster for suggesting it and alexandrasalas for featuring it.

And thank you for all your favourites and comments and new watches. I won't be able to respond to all, but I'm very grateful for each and every one of them.

And THANK YOU to those who took the time to check out the rest of my gallery. I really, really appreciate it.

And finally, thanks to maichan-art again, for comissioning me. This Totoro goodness wouldn't have happened without her. =)
Goodness gracious how long has it been.

Well. I've been busy? I really have, I swear. I check this sometimes, but the sheer ammount of messages to go through discourages me. :[ Ahah, wow, somehow I still get frequent favourites and ocasionally watches and comments. When did this happen? Ok, I know a lot of it has to do with Ghibli-Fan featuring my Totoro piece. 'Twas like a mini DD, that one. Holy shiz.

Bullets! To make my life easier.

:bulletorange: Only managed to do five different illustrations from the wonderful answers you guys gave me in those questionnaires (that means five different people). I like how they turned out, but I feel bad I didn't get more time to do more of you. Again, thank you so much, guys. I'll post them I soon, hopefully. Hopefully.

:bulletorange: I still owe maichan-art, HennaLucas and LovelyAlien some art. I swear I haven't forgotten, girls, I swear. I'm just an ass.

:bulletorange: I... think there was something else? I don't know.

(it gets better now)

:bulletblue: Heads up, Amazon is having crazy sales! Well, they're probably normal, but I'm very virginal when it comes to shopping online. Either way, a classmate let me know Amazon UK has  Fables: Covers Vol.1 by James Jean up for sale for £12.99 (about 15-16€/20-25$, I think). Thirteen pounds, people. The cheapest I'd ever seen was £22, it was on sale at a comics store. We're talking about a book that once cost, if I'm not mistaken, around SEVENTY US dollars. So hells yeah, I bought mine and it should be here... tomorrow. Just let I'd let you know, in case anyone's interested.

-… -

:bulletblue: And guess what thanoodles and a couple other dear friends got me for Christmas.

Fuck yeah. You know I'm keeping that on the wall way after 2011 has come and gone.

:bulletblue: Well, I it's not much, but I could let you in on what I'm currently doing? I'll explain it better when I start posting things properly, but basically I have to create 160 characters according to 10 prompts (that's 16 different characters for each prompt). And I decided to bind those in books things (this part was unnecessary but I want to do it anyway because I am actually a little girl who likes arts and crafts and bindy things). Visual aid:

The ones you see apread out are just 64 of 160. I'm almost done with these, I have about 30 left to do. Also, the covers are done according to the prompts - in case you're curious, these are the Creators, the Lovers, the Destroyers and the Messengers.

:bulletblue: ...This doesn't really have to do with anything, but I've been watching/listening to mangaminx's Let's Plays while I work. Seeing as my laptop can't run any game created after Pacman, this is a pretty good alternative. And she makes me laugh. Amnesia and both Penumbra games are the ones I've watched so far.

- -

:bulletblue: I'm still loving being an Illustration student and living in the UK.

SO YEAH THESE THESE HAVE BEEN TAKING A LITTLE BIT OF MY TIME. Goddd I haven't drawn anything for myself in months.

In conclusion, this is not exactly a comeback, it's more of a... "I'll try". I hope that's good enough.

See you around, guys!
Hi guys! Hopefully that title caught your attention. :D

I've been busy with an illustration project for school which requires me to get to work with other people. I've been working with friends, but I'd like to go further. For that, I've created an anonymous form with a few questions that would probably be too private/uncomfortable in any other context, but hopefully are okay here. So I'd love it if you could take a look at this link (there's a more detailed description of the project there) and, if you feel inclined, take part.…

Like it says, you can answer to as many questions as you want to, and you can write long or short answers. BUT, even though I'm not looking for a huge wall of text (please), one word answers probably won't be very useful either - the more you give, the more ideas will pop up in my head.

Also, I obviously can't guarantee I'll pick every answer. But hopefully you guys will inspire me. :)

Thanks in advance!

[EDIT] I forgot to make this clear - in the last question, I mention quoting your answers, but I might actually be interested in INTEGRATING YOUR WORDS in the illustrations themselves (just a sentence or two, of course, not the whole thing). I've changed it now, but if you've answered YES before this but DO NOT WISH your words to be in the illustration, please just quote your name here:…

If you don't mind me using them, you don't have to do anything.

If you haven't filled in the form yet, you don't have to do anything (I updated the form).

Sorry for the confusion! I've been getting some really interesting answers and already have some ideas. Keep 'em coming, guys! :)

[EDIT 2] Thanks for all the answers so far! I've got quite a few now - I haven't read all of them, just the first few ones, but there's some pretty good stuff there. I'll probably be closing it tomorrow, since I only have two weeks to do this and the ones I got are quite enough already, but in the meantime, keep'em coming! :la:

[FINAL EDIT] Closed! Thanks for all the answers, I got really, really interesting stuff. Now my only trouble is having enough time to do everything I want to do. =P Wish me luck!
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Ok, guys, do yourselves a HUGE favour and google these artists:

Jenna Chew
Andrew Hem
Edwin Ushiro


These are recent finds for me and so up my alley. Waaay up.


I did printmaking last week and it was awesome. Etching on a steel plate. Took me 3 days to make 2 prints (of the same plate, yes, BUT WITH DIFFERENT COLOURS AND PAPER shut up), I left them to dry at the workshop and I'm getting them tomorrow. Kya excited~

And I still haven't scanned anything from this school year, but that's okay. In this first module we're being ~experimental~ and we're supposed to come up with loads of ideas instead of spending a lot of time on a few finished illustrations, so except maybe for a couple of pieces (and the print), I'm not very happy with most of the stuff I came up with. That will change soon, hopefully. :)


I never know how to finish journals.
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HEY GUYS, did I ever tell you about some people's awesomeness when doing my characters? I don't believe I have, so here's some peoples.

:iconfrizz-bee: did this awesome rendition of my character Vaishe. It's s-so beautiful. It's been months and it's still my wallpaper.

She also has other great stuff, obviously. Like what?

TTGL: Onward Enkidudu by frizz-bee Mefiance by frizz-bee

SO GO. GO and let her feel your warmth, but not in a creepy way please, she's a good person.

AND THEN, :iconlovelyalien: did an awesome rendition of my characters Lainee and whathisname, BUT APPARENTLY DELETED HER WHOLE GALLERY, why???? WHYYY?? D: I guess you're going to have to take my word for it. She's awesome. And I still haven't done my part of the trade.

And today, I was greeted by THIS

Trouble is a Friend by HennaLucas

by :iconhennalucas:. It's my character Regina! And her handkerchief does NOT look retarded. It looks better than the one I drew on her, honestly. SHE looks better drawn by you. OH WELL. ANd again, there's lots to be seen in her gallery! And again, I'm yet to do my half of the tradeeee.

Blowfly by HennaLucas The Songbird by HennaLucas Sort of... by HennaLucas

So yes. People have been good to me.

S-so good.

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Hi guys! I don't have internet at home yet, but hopefully I will in next few days. Thanks for all the favourites and watches and kind comments you've been leaving. :) I will reply to everything when I get to be online for a longer stretch of time.

These past couple of weeks have been very tiring, but some of the best ever. I've been meeting buttloads of awesome people from all over the world, and my classmates seems pretty cool - and I was completely DAZZLED by some of their work. And so far, I managed to cook food that's actually kind of good (thanks mom) and no clothes have been ruined by my washing ventures. Everything's beyond awesome. Studying abroad: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

In the mean time, I already have some stuff to post. We had a summer project to do (aka "I did it in the two consecutive nights before the deadline" project) consisting of 3 illustrations, so I'll be posting those, one at a time.

See you around!
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Tomorrow I board the plane to UK. I have no idea when I'm getting internet, but it might be a while. Let's hope not, though.

See you soon!
Camping for a week. Be good! o/

(I have a project I need to work on intensely after I come back, so comissions will probably be postponed till I go to UK and get settled - meaning the beginning of October).
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Okay, so the poll didn't go as hideously as it could have! Whoo! I wasn't counting on having a lot of comissions anyway, so this is pretty good. I'm thinking of prices and doing some examples in the near future, so hopefully next week they will be open.

I created a Tumblr today. bluestraggler forced me. Obviously there's not much there yet, but feel free to say hi if you got one too! It will be basically a crossover between a blog and DA. Or something. I'm enjoying the fact that there's not a whole lot of thought involved in posting there, because I tend to write too much (case in point).


Ok, now onto some way overdue drawing for a certain someone! o/
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Going to Lisbon for a few days and I'll be leaving this laptop behind.

Also, I'm considering doing comissions because my computer is nearly kaput. I'm not exagerating, he told me himself. Yes, my laptop was assigned a gender. And a name, which right now is Laggy Asshole.


So I gotta get some fuuuunds to get a new one. So please take a look at my poll. Yay I can do polls now, thanks maichan-art! (...again).

And I believe it just started raining.
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I can do thumbnails now! What an adventure these next 12 months will be.


As some of you might now, I graduated college very recently. I'm enrolling in a one year post-graduation couse next September, but my time in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon has ended. I'm very fortunate and I'm surrounded by amazing people, but let me start with some very special dweebs who made these past three years at college unforgetable.


I first noticed this nanobanana when I sat behind her in History class and saw her doodling. My little artistically virgin eyes were in - excuse me - fucking awe. Needless to say, that's pretty much the only History class I remember from that semester. But it could not be undone. We met. We became friends. And for the next 3 years, lotsa people (including professors) thought we were dating - the poor, ignorant fools. And let me tell you, it was special. It hasn't ceased to be special, actually. I know you find it hard to interact with dudes sometimes - that makes us that much more special. And yes, I am calling you short and you love it.


When she first met me, I could tell I didn't really catch her attention. She'd later confirm that "I looked too normal" (= uninteresting). Me, normal. AHAHAH. What can I say? Your arachnophobia is hilarious. You taught me not to care about what other people think. And your tough act doesn't fool me, specially because you scream like a little girl. I WILL ALWAYS HUG YOU DEARLY BECAUSE I KNOW IT WARMS YOUR HEART, even if you don't admit it. It warms mine too, ya know.


You are so true, so gentle and so delicate that it amazes me how strong and boneheaded and opinionated you can be. It annoys me that you're such a musical snob, but it secretly amuses me too. I know you will have an amazing life because you're an amazing person and you will become an amazing old lady with amazing curly hair. Never lose your quirks, your ability to make the best faces, your irritating integrity and, yes, your voice - in every sense of the word. These are the things that makes us love you. And you will sing to me before I die.


My little vegetarian hamburger. You gotta be one of the brightest bulbs in the tree, and I know you don't like when people say these things, but it's really true. And I'm not just talking about your grades either - you're sensible when it comes to art and politics and culture, sense of humour and opportunity, these weird little things called people, and, of course, when it comes to coming up with the best and stupidest variations of anyone's name. Just being around you makes me feel like a better person. Every time.


At first, you were one of those intimidating older guys who sat at the front of Geometry class. Who would have known - you're not really intimidating. You're loud, you're sensible, one of the most hardworking people I know and a great teacher. You're one of the good guys and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to be my comic book buddy. For now we must work on our masters, but in the long run - if you ever decide to try your luck abroad - I'll have a spare mattress waiting for V. and you. You deserve every opportunity and then some, because that's the only thing that could ever stand between you and the sucess I know you deserve.


You're the proof that first impressions don't really count for shit. Isn't it awesome how two people so different in pretty much everything can get along so well? You have the funniest, most entertaining life stories and you opened up my mind to a lot - I can only hope I managed to do the same. Whenever you piss me off for some reason (and yeah, we do that quite often, don't we?), you always manage to get on my good side in record time for some reason. Maybe it's your contagious laughter or huge heart or the fact that you care so much for your friends.  You are so full of life. The day you stop calling me chéri will be a sad, sad day.


Of the all the people who stayed, you were the first one I met.  I'm glad you chose me that day. I consider myself an accent appreciator and let me tell you, what a fine specimen you are. You're funny, you're kind and you really really really HAVE to dip your foot on Threadless - I'll be your first costumer. And where the fuck are your twirly designs and your clay bunnies? UPLOAD THEM, DAMMIT. I really hope you go far. The only advice I can give you - be more adventurous. You were that first day, in a way, and I think we're both glad you were.

You guys fill my world with colour... now it's time for me to give some of it back.

:thumb172452922: _untitled 4 by psychotica theLastGolem-p1 by lybrus Randomland I by Elcadia  :thumb172930287: :thumb155575686: Hot by heinzines YA - Billy and Teddy by thanoodles BD Lisbon by lybrus atom eve by thanoodles Dream on by Elcadia sakura pen experience by lybrus Unfinished by heinzines so real by psychotica :thumb173076687:  three goddesses by thanoodles life on mars by psychotica
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She waited months for me to finish her comission, she gave me total freedom from the very beginning, she was always incredibly nice and thoughtful in her e-mails and she put up with my bouts of indecision and do-overs.

AND NOW she gives me a subscription?!



In other news, I am now on vacation and the day was so hot that I am about to have a midnight swim for the first time in my life. I am also trying to get back on the artistic horse, with the whole having free time thing going on.

And in case you missed it


So how's it going?
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