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Oh man, my last journal entry was in May already? Gee.

So there's a reason for that and it's a long story, but there was ~health stuff~ going on and I couldn't draw/read/use the computer properly for a while. A long while. And then I had eye surgery, and then I had to recover from THAT. I'm now happy to report I'm on the mend and gradually getting back to leading a normal life. Believe me, normal life is very underrated.

And I got a DD! Apparently on the day after the one I had surgery! Many thanks to ElindielForestStar and Lyricanna for that. :) aahhhhh you guys so many new watchers too, welcome, welcome

There was also some talk of commission in my last journal, I'm sorry I wasn't able to address that. I might still do those soon, so keep an eye out - thanks to all those who showed interest! Life will hopefully only get better from here, and I'm already working on some new stuff. You can find a sneak peak for something I just finished right here.

Can't wait to breathe life into this place again.
I've just created a Behance - right here.

I might also be opening some cheap "sketch on postcard" commissions soon, within the price range of 6-9/$10-$15. "Sketches? Postcards?", you ask? Maybe! Not going into details, but if you think you might be interested, I'd love it if you'd let me know in the comments, just so I have an estimate.

Thanks, guys!
Years ago, I did this illustration -

Tagide by Kyendo

lolorrain has written a short fiction based on it, and it's lovely. You can read it here. Thank you, Amanda!
Hey everyone!

First off, for those of you with a Tumblr, I'm running a reblog contest until Wednesday - if you'd like me to send you a postcard with my work on it (and maybe a sketch on the back!), just follow this link! -…

Also, Daily Draw February is happening right now! My thread is right here -… Is anyone else participating? :)
Hello, hello!

I have to go back to work in a nano-second, but in case anyone is interested, there's a promotion going on at Society6 - free shipping! You just have to use this link -…

Also, I want to share a sneak-peak of a project I've been working on and just sent off to print (finally!). Check them out on twitter -

That's all for now - as always, thank you very much for every favourite and comment! Every one is read and valued and loved, even if I have no time to reply to all of them.

Hey guys!

Just to let you know - free shipping for all my prints in my Society6 shop until Midnight Pacific Time today (Dec. 9th) if you use this link. Including several sizes of prints and iPhone cases!

I just added my Community and my Florence + The Machine pieces as well!

Take care!
I redid my website!

I now have an art Tumblr!

I've actually been using Twitter!

I'm in a show! Again!…

And just so it's not just me me me, YOU can win a free character commission and all you need is a Tumblr account and a streak of Harry Potter obsession - details here.

I will stop using the exclamation marks now.
I redid my website!

I now have an art Tumblr!

I've actually been using Twitter!

I'm in a show! Again!…

And just so it's not just me me me, YOU can win a free character commission and all you need is a Tumblr account and a streak of Harry Potter obsession - details here.

I will stop using the exclamation marks now.
Hi guys! First of all, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes (and llamas!). You guys are super sweet. All those llamas made me literally go "awwww".

Second, the Six Seasons and a Movie Community art show is this weekend! I'm going to have a few prints of Comunitree available at the show. Go on, guys, make me rich so next time I'm in a show like this I can actually fly there. Ahah. Buuut yeah, anyway, if you're around, the whole thing is bound to be pretty amazing, so do check it out. And take pictures!

Six Seasons and a Movie art show
June 23-24 | Monk Space gallery
4414 West 2nd Street Los Angeles, CA 90004


On a totally unrelated note - who's excited with Legend of Korra? I am! Maybe I'll do something about it that's not a sketch, but first I have to get cracking on this job that actually pays and involves an Japanese school girl kicking zombie ass.

Later, guys and gals and others. You're the beeeest over, and you can see my thread here! I can't believe I completely forgot to announce it here while it was still happening, I'm the worst PR for myself. EITHER WAY, there's a months worth of sketches, so feel free to browse! I'll probably post a few of my favourites here soon.

Thanks guys!
I forgot to tell you guys, the vote for my Florence + The Machine submission is now open! It's actually going to close very soon, but hey, better late than never. If you like and feel inclined, you can vote here and I will be eternally grateful:…

As for life in general - started a new job, which seems pretty cool, with cool people and cool stuff to do and whatnot. And I've been making an effort to draw when I commute, which is everyday, so yay! But yeah, life's pretty busy, I literally just managed to get a few minutes for myself and I should already be in bed. But I'm sure it will get better as I become more used to it.

So yeah. Busy busy!
For those of you who don't follow me on Tumblr and might be interested in such a thing, I made a post with drawings from way back until today. It's pretty cool to see one's evolution from 6 years old (1995) until now, if I may say so myself. The post is here.

As usual, feel free to follow me there for more frequent updates - I've been doing a lot of sketches lately and won't upload everything here.

Thanks, guys!

So I decided to create a Society6 shop - it's still growing, so let me know if there's anything you'd like to see there. All the prints are available in a lot of sizes/prices, and hey - there's free shipping worldwide through Monday. So if there's anything you've always wanted, now's the time to acquire! Feel free to follow or promote the heck out of everything. That would be really cool, yes.
Here ya go -… .

Sorry about the delay, dinner took longer than expected and computer was being slow and annyoing.

Done! Thank you to everyone who came, and hopefully I'll have the result posted in the next few days. :) You can still watch the stream (which is split in 4 parts because it's so long...) in my channel, if you're interested.
Hello, everyone

So I will be Livestreaming again tomorrow, and this time you get a proper 24 hour notice! I'm planning on starting around 10 pm GMT (that's London/Lisbon time) - if you want to know what time that is for you, here's a nifty converter.

It's quite weird to work and talk and know that there are anonymous (and sometimes not so anonymous) people watching my every move, but it really keeps me focused. Since I know you're watching, it prevents me from drifting into the internet when I really should be working. It's a perfect solution.

I will resume working on, and hopefully finishing, on this entry for Zac Gorman's FFIX zine. Oh, and this is my channel, but obviously nothing's going on there right now.

I also have a few commissions to catch up to, and if get permission from the commissioners, I might livestream those too. But that's happening later.

I hope I can count you in!

See you tomorrow
Okay, so the voting is over at the TalentHouse contest, thank you so much to everyone who voted! I'm not sure how the voting is going to weigh in on the decision, but we'll see.

Oh, and I never really linked it here, but I have a twitter account which I'm trying to get used to, so add me if you're interested. I'm nonDesignatedTwitter.

These are weird times for me - in one hand, the response to my work online has been insane since I started posting my final project (my number of followers on Tumblr jumped from around 70 to over 900 in the past few weeks. I didn't even know there were that many people on the internet.) and then I had my work on ImagineFX and onedotzero_cascade and a DD and I don't even know. On the other hand, it's weird not being a student anymore for the first time in my life and it sucks still being unemployed, even if right now I'm being considered for a job I would love to have. What a rollercoaster of emotions, I say.

Anyway, none of this matters. It's finally raining outside and my bedroom feels very cozy. That's what matters right now.

Good night, everyone.
Hey all

I'm slowly working my way through your comments, but in the meantime, there's something I need to finish very soon. As in today, because the deadline is today - my entry for Zac Gorman's Final Fantasy IX zine. So, if you want to watch me colour a quick illustration of one of my favourite scenes from the game, tune in my channel over at Livestream - I've never done one of these, so bear with me for any awkwardness in my voice and erratic behaviour in Photoshop.

My channel is here. Come on in! I'm there already.

Okay, so the livestream is done for now. Thanks to everyone who hung out for a bit!



Also, the contest over at Talenthouse is still happening, so don't forget to vote and share!

Hi guys! First of all, I'm completely stoked about the DD. Seriously - thank you so much, Atramina, and everyone else who has taken the time to see my work. Only keysmash can express my feelings. So that's what I shall do.


So, I promise to get back to all of your wonderful, wonderful comments, as soon as I stop being insanely busy. This week has been (and will keep on being) immensely crazy - I got home less than an hour ago and I have to wake up in about 6 hours, so yes. Crazy. I have been participating in onedotzero_cascade, which has been very tiring, but wonderful.

In the meantime, I would love to ask you all a little favour, if it's not too much - I am participating in a contest over at Talenthouse for a chance to win a scholarship for The Art Department, which is basically where all the kick-ass illustrators gather to teach people their artsy ways. The scholarship covers all tuition fees, and I am participating with The pond near the linden tree.

Voting opened today and you can see all the entries here - and if you like my piece, it would be fantastic if I could count with your vote - all you need is a Facebook or Twitter account. And if you feel inclined to share this with your friends, here or on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else - that would be extraordinary. For real.

Thank you so much, everyone. You've been consistently amazing.
Just a quick note to let you know my work was featured in issue #76 of ImagineFX! I'd love to show you pictures, but no subscription = no pretty journals, so please head over here for a couple of shots and really lovely crit from the staff. :')

S-so happy.
The contest winners have been announced! Thanks to everyone who participated. My slots are almost full, but if you're still interested, let me know and I might open a few more soon.

Hey, guys! I'm opening up character commissions - just 5 slots for now. This is the first time I'm doing these and the prices might go up the next time, so if you think you might be interested, act quickly! (Oh, what a sales pitch.) And I'm aware that most of you are from the US, so I'm listing the prices in US dollars.


Simple sketch, bust (… - $10
Simple sketch, full body - $15
Acrylic sketch ( /… - $25 (2 characters for 35$)
Coloured pin-up, one character, simple background ( - $40-$50, depending on complexity


- PayPal only! Sorry.
- These are character commissions for simplicity's sake, but if you have something else on your mind, do not hesitate to contact me and we can discuss.
- Feel free to leave a comment, shoot me a note or send me an e-mail for any queries, or if you already know what you want. You don't need to have a Deviantart account to commission me.
- I reserve the right to refuse a commission I deem inapropriate or offensive.
- You're absolutely allowed to post them anywhere or print them for yourself, but these images are for personal use only.

For those of you with a Tumblr - I got a contest going on for a free one of these.


Also, would anyone be interested in prints? I have had a couple of requests for A pond near the linden tree - I can sell A2 prints of these and more. Please raise your hand if you're interested (not sure about the price yet, but they won't go over 20$+shipping).

Thanks in advance!